Poker Room - May Events

Open 7 Days A Week!

Live Poker action 7 days a week!

Join us in our new poker room featuring brand new tables, chairs and a smoke free environment. Opens at 11AM Daily. We host Omaha and Hold 'em games daily, various limit and no limit games and game requests are welcome

    • Hold 'em Bonus Hands
      • Quads = $50
      • Straight Flush = $100
      • Royal Flush = $200
    • Splash Pot - $25 Splash Pots hourly Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from noon to 5PM
    • Omaha Bonus Hands
      • Quads on the Flop = $100
      • Royal Flush = $200
    • Opener's Bonus Meal - The first players to "start" the opening game each day will have their option of a Burger and Fries or the Apache Sunrise Breakfast*

See Pit or Poker Room for more details.

*Meal price not to exceed $10 in total value.

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